Jenna Brown Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jenna Brown Photography (Jenna Brown Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Jenna Brown Photography: Blog 120 120 Wedding Photography My approach on weddings is to bring a fresh perspective and fun but professional attitude to one of the most important and happiest days of your life! I strive to produce images that reflect the uniqueness, style and personality in each couple.

I aim to produce an artistic, editorial style of photography which is also fresh, soft and bright, telling a story of your wedding day through tastefully processed images. I’ll focus on the laughter and happiness that you and your guests will be feeling on such a special day to create images that you can cherish forever. Besides the standard photographs you can expect from a wedding photographer, I will exceed expectations by representing both style and creativity in my wedding photography, giving you the best of me.  

As a Gibraltar wedding photographer, I have a lot of demand for smaller wedding photography packages to cover registry and civil weddings. A full set of pricing for Gibraltar civil weddings is available upon request, starting with packages that include the ceremony and some photos after, to more exclusive packages including transport to Gibraltar’s prime locations in a white BMW.

For full day requests such as church weddings or location weddings, I offer full day photography packages and some other exciting options that include engagement shoots, post wedding shoots (also known as trash the dress shoots!), quality digital albums and more!

When hiring me as a photographer, you will be asked to pay a £100 deposit upon booking to secure the date and the remaining balance by the day of the wedding. Full wedding contracts are available as well as receipts and invoices.

Prices are available upon request!


Larissa Nascimento 5*

I haven't enough words to describe Jenna's work. Seriously, we couldn't imagine such a fabulous wedding album. So, if you want someone who will capture special moments for eternity, choose Jenna and you won't regret. 
My husband and I aren't confident in front of the cameras, but Jenna guided us very well, we felt at ease from the moment she introduced herself with a beautiful smile in the Registry Office. Besides, she drove us to stunning spots to take some pictures, this was really the icing on the cake. I loved her original ideas. 
Jenna, you are simply amazing! Vitor and I are so happy, thanks for helping us to turn our big day even more special.

Merel Swarts 5*

So happy that Jenna was our wedding photographer! It was like having an extra friend around on the day. Her advise and suggestions both leading up to the day, and on the day itself, were invaluable.

The pictures she made are amazing - not only do they look beautiful, she also managed to capture people's personality

Sarah Stevens 5*

I can’t thank Jenna enough for being our wedding photographer. Jenna you are amazing and I am in love with our pictures! You are so talented and we’re brilliant with all our guests. Couldn’t be happier or rate you higher if I could give 10 star rating I would. Thank you for making our day so memorable and capturing it for us xxxxxx

Visit my Facebook review page here


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Your Newborn Photoshoot

My newborn sessions are all about the true essence of a newborn baby and all of the love and excitement that comes with it . I aim to capture special moments of the baby with each family member and the family as a whole (pets welcome!). If the newborn has siblings, I am to prioritise these photos as they can often lose interest pretty quickly and are then able to go and play. I also take plenty of photos of the baby alone, both awake and asleep, and posed in ways that you´d find babies naturally. These photos can include the baby swaddled, undressed or wearing cute outfits that could be meaningful gifts from special friends or family members.

Where does the shoot take place?

Shoots take place at the client´s home, usually using the baby´s bedroom, the master bedroom and living room areas. We can also take some outdoor photos if the weather is suitable. Please do not worry if your house is not as orderly as you would like – you just had a baby! All you need to do in preparation is open the curtains and allow as much light in as possible, as natural light is far more beautiful and soft than flashes which I prefer not to use for newborn shoots. I´ll move things around throughout the shoot so that photos are clutter-free! The only ask is that you use neutral bed linen for the master shoot if possible, as it makes a great place for cuddly family photos!

How to prepare your baby for the shoot

Newborns are unpredictable and this shoot is all about them, so please do not worry about your baby needing nappy changes, feeds, etc. It´s a good idea if possible to try to feed your baby right before the session so they are sleepy and content.

What should the family wear?

Keep it simple and comfortable. I recommend neutral, light colours such as creams, whites, greys and pastels so as not to take away from the natural beauty of your baby. A nice way of adding some colour, if you wish, is by adding some accessories or jewellery to your outfit. I love textures such as knits and lace, and solid or floral fabrics work best. Try to avoid prominent logos and text on your clothing where possible.

What should the baby wear?

Remember that the essence of this shoot is to capture the baby´s natural, newborn beauty without distracting from that with overpowering outfits. I´d usually suggest onesies, swaddles or even just a nappy. However your baby is most comfortable! Some families like to use some cute newborn props and outfits – this is of course welcome.

Do you bring props or use stylised newborn poses?

I specialise in lifestyle newborn photography. Rather than posed newborn shots, I love to focus on the relationship between the baby and his/her family. This includes plenty of individual photos of the baby and some special detail shots of their little toes, fingers, eyelashes etc. Your ideas are of course welcome, and by all means please include any items of sentimental value such as blankets that may have been passed down, etc.

How long do sessions last?

The baby will dictate the duration of the shoot. If your baby is content and sleepy, we will likely be done between 1 and 1.5 hours but this can sometimes take longer depending on how many nappy changes and feeds might be needed.

How do we prepare for the shoot?

The most important thing for me is that you enjoy the experience and relax as much as possible. Some mums can stress out because this is all new and they of course want everything to turn out “perfect”. Relax, enjoy your baby, don´t stress about the baby crying, pooping or needing to feed. The baby is in charge and we will work around his/her needs to create beautiful images that you will cherish forever!

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Your maternity shoot

As your tummy grows, you become more and more excited about the arrival of your baby and there is no better way to remember this important moment in your life than with a good selection of professional photographs. Maternity photographs are designed to capture your beautiful bump and the love and excitement that accompany your final stages of pregnancy. You will always be able to look back at these pictures and remember fondly the days of carrying your baby inside your womb, creating a new life and a whole new world for your family.

If you have already decided that you would like a pregnancy photoshoot, here is a guide to when, where, how and everything else you need to know about your photoshoot.

1.        Booking your shoot

You should ideally book your photoshoot for when you are 7-8 months pregnant. At this stage of pregnancy you should be through the sickness and discomfort of the earlier stages but not yet too big that you cannot move around freely. Some women can also suffer water retention and swelling in the last month, so it´s always best to aim for the 7th or 8th month.

Scheduling your maternity shoot is very simple. Please contact me either by email to [email protected], by Facebook via my Facebook page Jenna Brown Photography or by phone on 0034 638 051 885. Please try to book as far in advance as possible as availability is very limited from March to September.

2.       What to wear

Some photographers advise their clients to wear specific maternity gowns. I love these, but above a maternity gown I would recommend wearing something that you feel like “you” in. If you aren’t a dress person, I´d strongly advise wearing your favourite maternity clothes or anything that you feel comfortable in. If you do decide to wear a maternity gown, I would recommend visiting pages such as where you will find a beautiful selection of handmade dresses at varied prices. If ordering from Etsy please take a look at the postage estimations as most come from abroad and can take weeks to arrive.

Please feel free to bring several outfits. You won´t have access to a changing room but a large sheet to change behind can do the trick! If you are comfortable bearing your tummy you can consider combining a lace bandeau style top on its own or under an unbuttoned shirt with your favourite trousers or leggings.

3.      What to take to your shoot

As a photographer I offer certain props that my clients are welcome to use, but by bringing your own to the photoshoot you pictures will be more personal. Some great ideas are baby booties, soft toys and teddies, objects based on your babies bedroom theme, stuffed animals from your own childhood, anything with the babies name on it, scans, pictures of yourself and your partner when you were babies or kids, and anything else that means a lot to you and your growing family.

4. Who to bring

Please feel free to incorporate your partner, pets, older siblings and anybody else who is important to you and your baby’s lives. If you do plan on having anyone else in the shoot with you, plan your outfits together. We are looking for well-coordinated outfits in similar colours and styles. White is always a classic! Avoid loud and bold prints that could go out of fashion and don’t forget about the shoes. Make sure the shoes match what you are wearing – coordination is key.

5. Other advice:

- Please ensure you have rested well before your shoot, have eaten well and are hydrated. Your energy will show in y our images.

- Professional hair and makeup makes a big difference but if you prefer to DIY, please take your time and make sure you are happy with how you look.

- Your hands will be in almost all of the photographs. Please make sure that they are the way you would like to see them, avoiding chipped or badly applied nail varnish.

- Bring water. There are often no shops near some of the more remote locations and photoshoots can be tiring for clients.

- Make sure you have told your photographer beforehand where you would like your shoot to take place, and share any ideas you have for your photos before the shoot. This will allow us to manage your expectations and come prepared with any extra equipment required to achieve the look you would like.


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I have always felt strongly about how important it is to feel good about ourselves, and Boudoir photography has taught me SO much about women of all ages and how we feel inside our own skin. We all have things we dislike about our bodies, but luckily most have things we like or even love too. The internet, TV and magazines are all full of women who have been digitally modified to represent a stereotype “perfect” woman who we compare ourselves to, nurturing our dislike towards our own bodies. What we fail to remember, is that these women have had their hair and makeup done by trained professionals and have also been photo shopped in most cases, changing the shape of their bodies, hiding cellulite under perfectly air brushed skin, whitening teeth, etc. (I think you get the idea…)

Naomi Phoenix Faces is one of (if not) Gibraltar’s most prestigious and recognised professional makeup artists and in her hands, the best features are brought out in each of our girls making them feel even more gorgeous and confident. Her work, paired with Miranda Elmer's highlights the absolute best in all of these girls, allowing them to see themselves in a completely different light and filling them with confidence for their shoot.

During hair and makeup time the bubbles are flowing, delicious chocolates are of no shortage and pop charts are playing in the background whilst the girls are buzzing with excitement and nerves, showing each other what they have brought along to wear. As the photographer I spend most of my time in the Boudoir studio which is in another room, with its own private bathroom where the girls each get ready for their shoot. But on the occasions I do pop out to greet the new girls who have arrived and make sure everyone has a full glass and is having fun, a part of me wishes I was among them being pampered and feeling the excitement from the other side. But then again, I wouldn’t change being on the other side of the camera, working with each client exclusively and individually, talking them through the different poses and bringing out their very best whilst having lots of fun! 

A lot of women worry about having to perform for the camera, or project a certain image, but it really couldn’t be further from reality! Most are nervous for the first minute or so, but once I show them a picture on my camera of how amazing they look, they instantly relax and enjoy the experience. Some girls have ideas of poses they would like, and others are happy for me to make these decisions for them, talking them through everything from facial expression to how they are physically standing/sitting/laying.

After 10-12 clients in one day, I get home exhausted! Every muscle in my body throbbing, but with a euphoric happiness from seeing every single client bounce out of the room with a greater confidence than what they came in with, and super excited to tell the rest about their experience and see their sneak peeks in the following days.

If you are considering a Boudoir session, there really is no time like the present! You may think you could do with losing some weight, gaining some, or would like your hair to grow a little more or whatever your excuse to yourself is, but how often do we look back on old photos and think we looked SO good back then? A the time we didn’t appreciate it, but hindsight is so powerful! Life is too short for procrastination – you are beautiful just the way you are.


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